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Time to Feng Shui your Real Estate Office

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By : M Shane    99 or more times read
If tough economic times are affecting your realty business and leaving you feeling helpless and stuck, you may want to consider trying something unorthodox to attract new business. One of the ways you can do this is by improving the atmosphere in your office in order to make it more conducive to successful business dealings.

Applying feng shui principles to your real estate office may seem like an odd idea, but the practice not only improves the aesthetic of a space, but it also enhances the positive vibrations in a room. People enjoy being in a room where the energy or 'chi' is allowed to flow freely. If you correct the energy deficiencies in your office, you and your staff will feel more alert, creative, and confident. In addition, customers will be drawn to your office and its positive atmosphere.

In order to reduce negative energy and replace it with beneficial vibes, the first thing you need to do is to take a look at the layout of the office.

Desks should be placed so that employee's backs face the walls. Walls act as support and protection, and can help build your team up. If you face the wall, you are left vulnerable to people sneaking up behind you (intentionally or unintentionally). This leaves you on guard and jumpy, particularly when you're concentrating hard on a difficult task.

Facing a wall also limits your vision and acts as a barrier to success. This can be seen as a symbol for your entire career –that you've hit a wall, and there's nowhere for you to go. If you aren't able to move your desk so that you're facing something other than a wall, hang up pictures that make you feel good. Paintings or photographs that show paths or waterways are particularly helpful. They allow your mind to see the future ahead of you, and remind you that there's more waiting for you out in the world, with new opportunities for success around every corner.

You also want to make sure that desks in the office face the doorway, if at all possible. There are a few reasons for this, including the idea that you can be hit with negative energy called "poison arrows" if the door is behind you. You also want to face the door so you can greet (both literally and energetically) clients as they walk in. If they see your back turned to them, they will feel unwelcome and unimportant. By facing the door, you're getting ready for any new opportunity that presents itself. It also saves you from feeling like someone could walk in behind you unnoticed. Facing the door puts you in a position of power.

To really infuse the office with vibrant, healthy energy, add lots of lush plants to the mix. Plants help eliminate carbon dioxide and improve air circulation, as well as help ground the energy in the room. The more natural elements you can bring into the office, the better, as they reduce stress and leave you feeling more solid and connected to the earth.

Water features and crystals can also bring in a sense of tranquility to the office, which is very helpful for both you and your clients. Balance these peaceful elements with splashes of red for an energy boost, brown or green to promote prosperity, and white for mental clarity.

Remember that you don't need to get too carried away with feng shui decor in order experience its benefits. Start with a few small changes and see how the energy improves in the office. The better the energy flow in the office, the more creative and forward-thinking you and your staff will become. This will in turn attract new clients, who'll be drawn to the positive chi in your real estate office.

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