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Budget Cuts Affect Owners of Bank Owned Properties in Broward, FL

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By : Allana Castro    99 or more times read
County Commissioners have voted not to raise property taxes in Broward, Florida, which could mean that the county will have to implement budget cuts of over $40 million to prevent property taxes from increasing. With bank owned properties in Broward, FL continuing to increase in number, residents might find this news a welcome one.

However, a lot of public operations and services are expected to be affected by the budget cuts. One of the areas that will likely suffer is the service provided to owners of Broward and Florida bank owned properties. According to local reports, the cuts could result in several employees who are tasked with providing services to homeowners fighting foreclosures to lose their jobs.

Sources from the county government have revealed that the Commissioners are planning to cut as much as $300,000 allocated to the Family Success Center which is being operated by the Urban League. It specializes in offering support and various services to homeowners who have problems related to listings of bank owned properties and foreclosures.

According to some owners of bank owned properties in Broward, FL and those facing potential foreclosures, the Family Success Center has helped them keep their home. They also stated that the program has been effective since it does not focus on offering handouts, but actually provides services that really help people who are facing foreclosures.

Meanwhile, another area of public service that is expected to be affected by the projected budget cuts is the Sheriff's Office which is said to be trying to cut 5% from its own budget. This means that the Office might have to reassign or eliminate as much as 37 department positions and dismiss several deputies.

The Sheriff's Office also revealed that they might be forced to change the classification of more than 200 jail system employees to civilian work, which means that these workers will have to accept a pay cut of 11% and modified benefits. In addition, Commissioners for the county have announced an increase in bus fares.

The plan of the Commissioners not to raise property taxes might be well meant, but some members of the local community are worried that it could cause more public service problems, including for owners of bank owned properties in Broward, FL who rely on public services to get out of foreclosure trouble.
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