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Wireless Security Alarms: Safe, affordable and reliable

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By : Sam Sportes    99 or more times read
How do you keep your house or place of business guarded from burglars? This is a question more and more citizens are wanting to know these days. With the cost of personal items and necessary essentials ever increasing and for peace of mind, it may be prudent to look into a security system. You will not be disappointed.

Keeping your residence, apartment or place of business protected has never been as easy and affordable as it is today. This is because you no longer need to make use of a professional system or company to help safeguard your residence. Complex and high-priced security systems that rely on all new wiring and professional help to attach are now a thing of the past. Wireless security alarms are now easily obtainable to any person who wants it.

Here are some of the basic components that make up a wireless security system:

Control Box: This is the brains of the whole security system. All sensors are linked to this gadget. The box contains a keypad with both arms and disarms the system.

Alarm Siren: This is an important instrument as it sounds an alarm when an intruder is detected. The alarm siren should be loud (at least 90+ decibels, the louder the better) so as to warn the homeowner as well as scare the intruder.

Motion Sensors: These sensors detect motion in a particular that is within their field of view. The most common used today are passive infrared (PIR) sensors which detect infrared energy (heat). When an intruder enters the sensors field of view, the heat increases dramatically and an alarm is sounded.

Door & Window Sensors: As you would guess, the sensors are placed on doors and windows so when an burglar opens one of these an alarm is sounded.

Phone Auto-Dialer: When an alarm is triggered, the auto-dialer will call up to 4 prerecorded numbers. You can leave a prerecorded message with the police, a security monitoring service or relatives and friends.

Key Chain Remote Control: This remote control can both arm and disarm the security system. It can also contain a panic button to set off the alarm in case of an emergency.

These systems can be customized to fit almost any application. Whether you need just a surveillance camera to protect a hallway or sensors on numerous door and windows, there is a system to fit your needs. You can get packages that include a multitude of options for almost any application. In addition, if you need to protect out buildings, a wireless security system is the easiest and most affordable way to provide protection.

With the wireless technology of today, these systems provide both safety and protection at an affordable price. You can be assured that your home, place of business or apartment is protected no matter where you are in the world. For these reasons, you need to check out these basic to install, simple to monitor wireless security alarms.
Sam Sportes, a consumer product researcher, invites you to visit his website For safety and security in your home, office or apartment make sure you look into wireless security alarms now.

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