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3 Reasons Everyone Should Sell Property Privately

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By : Brazg Gavin    99 or more times read
You will find a lot of reasons why you ought to sell your house privately besides figures and other arguments; here are the top 3 reasons.

  1. There is No Explanation Not To

    Are you conscious of the fact that you can now have a clause in your contract with your real estate agent stipulating that if your house is sold privately, they will receive no payment? Indeed, you can stipulate the clause in the contract, and because you can, there is no reason why you should shun away from advertising your home in any manner that you desire which can include making use of the free-to-list sites available like private sales site Tepilo and online leaders Google Maps and Gumtree.

  2. More Exposure is always a good thing

    According to surveys, up to 85% (several studies at 85% while real estate agent surveys put it in 60%) of people searching for property to buy begin their search on the internet. Nowadays, real estate agents are also advertising on the internet and are making use of the website Rightmove which only accommodate those who belong to their profession.

    But, there is a very real part of society that does not want to have deals with estate agents, because of their negative standing, or bad experiences or both. A certain part of society is also resisting moves by capitalist giants in wanting to dominate and control the housing market which is precisely what Rightmove is accused of.

    The only way to aim for these segment of the market is to sell your homes privately and the way to achieve it is to advertise on private sales online.

    In addition, the first thing I do when looking for a property to buy or lease is search in Google. By advertising on private sales websites that has a high page-rank in Google will certainly increase the exposure of your property to potential buyers.

  3. Spend less

    It is unlikely that we can convince a real estate agent to accept a 1% commission no matter how we persuade or barter with them.

Closing Thoughts:

Now that you know the reasons why you should sell your house privately, you might as a result give it a try. If you advertise on the private sales sites, you can lead buyers in your area via Google Maps property search, the local paper, shop boards and broaden your exposure thereby boosting your chances to sell quickly on a good price which can save you money that can be better spent on your kid's education rather than giving it away to your real estate agent. is UK's largest free resource of expert advice for UK House sellers.

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