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Painting Your Home for a Quick Sale

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So youíre looking to sell your home and you canít afford to invest in hiring a home stager to set things up for you; in this current economic climate home stagers can cost more than you can afford to spend but that doesnít mean that you canít brighten up your home to help it sell.

One of the easiest ways to make your home look more inviting and better maintained is by painting the inside of it. Painting your rooms can give them a fresh new look, even if you donít think that your walls look marked or discoloured it is surprising how much cleaner and brighter they will look when theyíre newly painted.

In the day to day living that we all do in our homes, cooking residue attaches itself to surfaces in our homes.†As well, contact from moving furnishings around or household members touching the walls can mark or stain them. Normal everyday wear and tear, as well as regular cleaning, of the surfaces of your home can leave your walls looking very dull and dingy.

The best way to go about this brightening up is by washing all of the walls that youíre looking to repaint with a weak TSP solution and then rinsing them well to remove any residue. Consult your local do-it-yourself home supplier to find out what type of paint and primer you need; latex or oil-based. Rooms like bathrooms and kitchens do well to have a strong washable paint used on them.

Consider as well, priming and painting the ceilings as they tend to be highly overlooked when rooms are being repainted and many homes will get multiple paint jobs done to the interior walls while the ceilings are all original.†A fresh coat of white, or other light colour, on the ceiling can really make a room sparkle.

Donít think that white is the only option though when you are planning on repainting.†Any neutral colours will work well for this self-staging because itís all about making your home look fresh and up to date not stark and bland.

If you canít afford to have your home staged when youíve got it on the market then you should at least take the steps to paint your interior so that itís clean and inviting for prospective buyers; however, it is worthwhile if you can manage the cost of home staging as it tends to get you higher offers on your house than you will get without it, and in this market every dollar counts.

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