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Arson, Sentence, Divorce…Do Foreclosures Really Lead To These?

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By : Cassiano Travareli    99 or more times read
Homeowners will really do anything to prevent foreclosure of their homes, even setting their own houses on fire.

One of the cases of arson that had something to do with foreclosure prevention was that of Kevin J. Griffin from Dayton Avenue. He plead guilty this October after admitting setting his home on fire back in April.

Court documents stated that Griffin was sentenced by Allen Superior Judge Fran Gull with imprisonment for eight years and two more years on probation. He was also charged with $20,477 to pay in return for the damages.

Griffin used to live with his wife in their one-story house. When the firemen responded to their burning house last April 15, they have found the fire centered somewhere near the fireplace in their living room.

The couple was home during that time. According to the story of Griffin’s wife, she awoke because of the smoke she smelled at about one in the morning. With this, she woke her husband, and they both went out of their house. However, Griffin got back in to save their pets.

It was also stated in the court documents that a few days after the fire incident, Griffin’s wife made a call to their mortgage company to check on their house insurance. She discovered that their house was already in foreclosure because they were not able to make mortgage payments for twenty months. Apparently, it was Griffin’s duty to pay the bills but he never informed her about missing the payments.

In fact, due to the foreclosure, the house should have been sold by April 17. And because of this whole trouble, Griffin’s wife decided to file for divorce last June.

With such a story, it could be said that a foreclosure could indeed lead to a charge of arson, jail sentence and a divorce.
Cassiano Travareli has been educated in the finer points of the foreclosures market over 5 years.

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