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Colorado Springs CO - 3 Suggestions You Can Use Year-round to Get Your Home Prepared For Sale

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By : Mary Clogenmeir    99 or more times read
Whether its homes for sale in Colorado Springs or California, getting ready to sell your home is the same. Preparing your home to be put on the market can be an intimidating task. The preparations are stressful, trying, and typically require a lot of hard work. That's especially so if you're like most sellers and don't start to prepare your home until the weekend before putting it on the market.

Prepare early: Don't wait until a week or two before putting your home on the market to get your "honey-do" list completed. By doing that, most of those things won't get done, and your home won't be as presentable as it could have been. Make a list of things around the house that need to be fixed now, and get to them a weekend at a time every month or two. By dedicating small chunks of time here and there to do a few tasks over the several months before putting your home up for sale, you will be saving yourself a lot of unnecessary stress when it comes time to actually sell. Not only will you be less stressed, but you won't be as hasty to get things working, and you'll do a far better job. (If you hire a handyman, you'll also save a few bucks by hiring them during less busy times vs. in the middle of the summer when most contractors will have more expensive rates.)

Don't forget the front yard! If you know in the fall that you might be selling in the spring, be sure to plant bulbs in the fall so you'll have some beautiful blooms come springtime. Many homeowners focus so much on the inside of the home that they forget that the yard will be the first thing that potential buyers will see when they visit. A well manicured and landscaped yard will go a long way towards getting would-be purchasers that your house is the right house for them.

Minor repairs: Any service providers can be hired in the off season for a lot less money with a little advance planning. Painters are really busy during summer months so negotiating a painting contract during the off-season will allow you to get your home painted for a better price. The same goes for individuals that repair air conditioning units and renting storage space.

By simply pre-planning, you can get as much as possible preparing to sell your home.

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