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Does Retiring in Puerto Vallarta really make Sense

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By : Tom Budniak    99 or more times read
The recession in USA has hit almost all section of the society and every age group. Those who were looking forward to retirement witnessed their whole life savings shrink before their own eyes. Now, the situation is that they no longer have enough savings to retire or buy a retirement home for themselves in USA. So what are the options for them? Will the dreams of a peaceful and relaxed retirement harbored by them crumble? The answer is No!

Retiring in Mexico and more specifically, Puerto Vallarta is an excellent choice. Many of Americans think of Mexico as some strange foreign country. But they are wrong. Mexico is a large and developing country with scenic and developed cities. Of late there has been a negative campaign in U.S. Press regarding the security situation in Mexico. The fact is that Mexico is a relatively safe and secure nation. There are few places where the government is engaged in a fight with drug cartels and those areas see violence. But then U.S.A is also not immune to violence! The cities and towns in Mexico such as Puerto Vallarta, Playa del Carmen and Cancun are very secure places which see a lot of tourist activity. These cities regularly host international conventions and are business and traffic hubs for the region. It is quite a tell tale indication of how safe these areas are. Over a million US expats live in Mexico without any problem and safety issues. If that cannot convince you about security issue in Mexico then nothing can. Mexicans are proud and warm people who always sport a smile. It is not just Mexico's beaches and towns which attract people from all over the world but also its charming inhabitants who lend such good vibes to this heavenly country.

Mexico is just south of USA and is very well connected with road, air and water. It has international airports which also serve as transport hub for this region. For anybody contemplating buying a second home or a retirement home in Mexico, traveling to Mexico will not be a problem.

Many Americans believe that Homes in Mexico are as much costly as they are back in USA. The truth is that the properties that they view on websites are high end homes which maybe beachfront or oceanfront located at some of the best places in Mexico. Since, these areas are much in demand; they are priced higher than regular properties. So it makes sense that luxury properties in Mexico will be comparable to regular US house price wise. That means for the same money, you can get a fabulous Home in Mexico. If you would rather save more money than you can choose properties bit further than the beach. Here cheaper priced homes and apartments are easily available. You can try new upcoming areas which have great prospect in coming years. So by the time you retire, not only will you have a home in fully developed area but also a home whose value has increased by manifolds!

Mexico also has a cheaper standard of living. With your savings, you will be able to afford many luxuries that are impossible in USA. Your dollar will run longer in Mexico. The fact that Mexico boasts of world class and affordable medical infrastructure makes the case of spending your retirement in Puerto Vallarta much stronger.
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