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By : Jason Deines    99 or more times read
Getting the most from the sale of your home is #1 on the priority list and can be a difficult task in competitive markets. With the current national real estate crisis reaching its peak the challenges may be even greater. Obviously the lower the asking price for the home the easier it is going to be to sell but, what if you donít want to sell your home for less than it is worth? This can be a bit tricky but there are ways and the best way is to give homebuyers the perception that they will be benefiting more from buying your home for what you are asking. What I am talking about is offering incentives and sweetening the deal.

By taking into account the local real estate market, your home amenities, and your financial goals you can come up with a set of incentives to offer homebuyers. Below are some examples:

  • Homebuyers can be nervous about buying a home from someone else. They worry about pipes bursting, appliances breaking, roof leaking, and whatever else they can think of. No one is more familiar with the soundness of your home than you are and if you were to offer the buyer a warranty for a set period of time this goes along ways and adds value to the transaction.

  • With the new mortgage regulations going into effect it may be more difficult for some potential homebuyers to come up with the financing needed. Not because they canít afford it but because the banks are not lending like they used too. Consider offering the homebuyer financial help, either by helping with the mortgage for the first year or offering to pay some of the closing costs. Other options may be paying home association dues or help with paying the utilities.

  • If you have a home with a large yard consider providing lawn care services for the first year.

  • Help with moving costs, set a certain dollar amount aside for moving expenses for the new owner.

There are all sorts of ways to make your property more appealing, get creative and offer incentives based on the property, ones that compliment it. If you know an area where the homebuyer may need some assistance develop an incentive plan around the homebuyer. Of course it does cost money to offer incentives but it does help your home stick out from the pack and chances are you will be able to get more of your asking price by doing so.

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