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Credit Repair Companies - What Good Credit Repair Services Should Offer Their Clients

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By : Darin Sewell    99 or more times read

So you have just discovered you have bad credit you will probably want to do something about it rather quickly. This is especially true in today's economy where banks and other lenders have really tightened up their lending guidelines. If you are not able to get your credit improved you will have a hard time getting financing, but how can you improve your credit score?

So How Do You Pick a Credit Repair Company

There are a few good ways to improve your credit scores and one of those ways involves hiring one of the good and reputable credit repair companies to help you get the job done. You may be thinking that these credit repair services are scams, truth is there are a lot that are but many that are not and will do a good job for you. Below is a short list that will help you weed out the bad apples.

How To Spot a Bad Credit Repair Company

  • Asks For Money Up Front
  • Asks You To Start a New identity (very illegal)
  • Makes Promises That Sound Too Good To Be True
  • Charge Large Amounts Of Money
  • Have Little Or No References
  • Have Registered Complaints With The BBB
  • Claim They Can Fix Your Credit In 24 Hours
  • No Signed Agreements or Contracts
  • No Attorneys or Para Legals On Staff

If you talk to a company and they fit into any of the above the chances of you getting ripped off are very high so get up and leave ASAP! So now that you know how to spot the less then honest credit repair companies, lets look at what a good credit repair company should offer to its clients in need of credit repair.

What a Good Credit Repair Company Should Offer You

To begin with the good credit repair companies will be very honest with you upfront and tell you what to expect, they might not tell you what you want to hear but the truth sometimes hurts. Having a company be honest with you is a good sign and makes a great first impression, below is a list of what makes a good credit repair company and what they will offer you.

How To Spot a Good Credit Repair Services

  • Fix Your Credit Legally
  • Tell You The Truth
  • Provide Realistic Expectations
  • Have Lawyers and Para Legals On Staff
  • Collect No Money Until Work Has Begun
  • Provide you With A Written Contract
  • Provide Client Testimonials and References
  • Have Been In Business For at Least 5 Years
  • Keep you Updated and Answer Your Questions

You Can Also Do Self Credit Repair On Your Own

Keep In mind that if you choose you can also fix your own credit using the same tactics that the paid credit repair companies use. It is often cheaper and can be just as effective, however you will have to put in some effort and stay dedicated to the process or nothing will happen.

If you feel that you can get the job done then look into self credit repair but if you know you will not follow through or are too busy to do it yourself then look into hiring an honest credit repair company to improve your credit score for you.

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