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With Bank Owned Foreclosures, Time is of the Essence

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By : John Cutts    99 or more times read
Timing your venture into the market can actually save you time and effort as well as eliminate some known risks associated with investing in bank owned foreclosures. But what can buyers do to determine whether it is a good time to invest? Here are some guidelines:

Realizing the Right Time

Buyers should try to get a feel of the market first before taking a plunge. You can do this by reading up on current market trends. Look out for phrases like "buyer's market" that indicate that the market favors buying. A buyer's market suggests that buyers can pretty much dictate their terms and sellers will be opening to meeting these terms. Certain market conditions indicate that the time is right to purchase bank owned foreclosures.

A large inventory of foreclosed homes is usually a good indicator. This means that buyers will have a lot of homes to choose from and this also means that homes are not getting sold as fast as sellers would want them to so they need to come up with incentives and perks to stimulate buying. Perks and incentives may come in the form of lower down payments and closing costs.

One other indicator of a good time to invest is if sales are brisk. If the market is active then it suggests that people are investing.

A slow market means that investors are just speculating and watching out for movements or waiting for things to improve.

If you would really like to own a home even with every indication that the time is not right you may still do so. You can check out the home assistance programs offered by various government agencies to defray your costs. For instance, first time home buyers can avail of the federal tax credit program. Through these assistance and grants, the government aims to help individuals improve their wealth while indirectly impacting the economy in a positive way.

investing in bank owned foreclosures is no walk in the park, it requires diligence and hard work. Prior to making a commitment to buy, buyers should take all the time they need to ensure they are making the correct decision. But many successful buyers have been enjoying the fruits of their purchase.
John Cutts has been educated in the finer points of the foreclosure market over 5 years.

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