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Thermal Termite Inspection - The Benefits of Knowing

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By : Alex Foster    99 or more times read
Thermal termite inspection goes a step further than your typical termite inspection. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to detect termites through a mere visual inspection of the location. Termite inspections are important whether you are looking into buying a new home or just maintaining your existing home.

Thermal termite inspection differs from your typical termite inspection because it gives the inspector the ability to see a termite problem before the signs become visible to the naked eye. Although, the regular termite inspection is cheaper, it is not always accurate in the beginning stages of a termite infestation. Normally, its almost in the stage where the average person can tell they have termites, so there really isnt a need to have an inspection done.

Taking advantage of a thermal inspection has far more benefits that out weigh the cost. For example the mere idea of the thermal imaging being able to detect the root areas or the nest of the termites is ideal for homeowners. With the thermal inspection the inspector can identify the precise location of the termites. This alone could save you a substantial amount of money.

When you consider the possible damage a colony of termites can do to a home, the numbers can continue to crawl up over time. Spending a little more up front to locate the termites and eliminate them before they are able to cause much damage is obviously going to wind up saving you a bundle of money in the long run.

Another benefit to using a thermal termite inspection is the will be no need to cause any damage to the location to find the termites. Most inspections will require an assessment through visualization which can require a portion or several portions of the home being cut open. Thermal does not ever require any areas of the home to be damaged in order to assess the home. It is all done with the thermal imager which detects the heat given off by the termites.

Taking advantage of a thermal termite inspection can prove to be the best choice for homeowners and those looking into become a homeowner. The upfront costs for this type of inspection proves to be well worth it if you can get a handle on the problem before it gets out of control and causes a substantial amount of damage. Spend a little more to save a lot more, whether you will be saving money or yourself from headaches, thermal termite inspections are the way to go.

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