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How Much is my House Worth?

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By : Brazg Gavin    99 or more times read
I think everyone values that a house is only valued at what somebody is willing to spend for it. The issue about whether this can apply to a house that an owner does not desire to sell is quite like the challenge of whether a tree fell within a vacant wood still produces a noise.

It is very much like anything; a piece of jewelery may be valued at 2k for insurance purposes, but it may fetch nowhere near that at auction, and even less in a pawn shop. It truly is even more difficult in relation to pricing houses since there are many more aspects to think about, as will be spelled out below.

Now, "How much is your house worth?" Well, in days gone by it was a simple case of getting an estate agent to do a valuation. Nonetheless in today's economy; with estate agents trusted less than in the past, held responsible for inflating the real estate bubble by overpricing property so that they can acquire business, more and more people are performing their own property valuation study.

The growth in property prices in 2009 showed us that short supply of property, and specifically of good houses in a great vicinity may cause properties to sell for over their current worth according to national and regional indices. So, to respond to the query simply how much is my house worth, you should hit the keyboard and carry out some research on property valuation.

Having said that: the perfect place to start your research will almost always be on the internet. You can start your research at the HRMC Land Registry site since it is the best place to begin. This website holds the records for how much homes in your locality have recently sold for.

Initially, navigate to the Land Registry reports web page and find the address of your property. Then choose all the obtainable information to ensure that you have just as much information to evaluate as you can.

Considering are the prices of the properties that has been sold in your neighborhood will provide you with a great starting point, but for a much more complete answer to what your property is presently worth you have got to consult with area estate agents and search at all the properties marketed on the market on the major property portals such

Discover the total number of properties similar to yours that are for sale. Should they be in scarce availability or should you have a particularly distinct property in a good community, then you can afford to ask a little more than the local average.

Alternatively, a home in average status which has plenty of competition (i.e. there is an abundance of similar properties also for sale) will be needing to be valued in the range of the average or perhaps lower.
Gavin Brazg is editor of The Advisory - UK's largest free resource of free expert advice for UK House sellers.

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