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Best Tips for Building a Home on Ranch or Farm Land

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By : Flynna Jones    99 or more times read
Homes on a ranch or a farm land are becoming popular again these days after some decline over the years. These farm houses have been styled to be a classic symbol of a home, the nostalgic feature of the American heritage. The typical American is wont on carrying on the image of a countryside home on a hill as seen from a country road. Another image is the ranch house which has its beginnings as a one-storey house for ranchers in the West. As lands were abundant then, a second storey was not required. These ranch houses were simple rectangle structures sometimes set together at right angles with porches in front. At a time when culture seems to accelerate at a fast pace, many homeowners were resorting to farm life style to go back to the basics to normalize their living pace.

A home on a ranch or on a farm land never fails to project an image of wholesomeness. It symbolizes a secured shelter or refuge. It exudes the aura of simplicity, purity and honesty, virtues which are fast becoming rare in modern culture. Perhaps this is the reason why farm houses and farmyards always land on children’s storybooks.

Traditionally a farmhouse is built on a site where it has a protection against the noontime sun and from extreme weather conditions; and, this has been the strategy throughout the country.

Nowadays, with the economy still reeling from the effects of the economic slump, activities on the farms are still evident, making investing in land a still viable endeavor to undertake. In Texas, despite the unfavorable effects on other real estate markets, some investors find it advantageous to buy ranches and farm lands.

If you are on the verge of investing on land and build a home on a ranch or farm land, here are some suggestions that you can adopt in your undertaking:

  • Prior to the development of the farm land, it is important that you should first decide on what you are going to do with the land. Do you have intentions to build your home here? Are you planning to grow some fields? Do you want to put in lakes or ponds? These measures can help you to be more effective in your goal.

  • Let not the current crisis bother you in your plans once you are on your way; be as tough as those who say that “each crisis has its own opportunity”. Stay focus on your goal; if you bought a raw land, do your homework to plan the reworks of the land according to your design. Numerous lands are available in the market that you can obtain at a fair bargain. You can improve these lands and increase its market value; After all, is this not the goal of all investors to improve the land that he purchased to increase its value?

  • The improvements that you are planning on the land must also be defined such as, the fences, the water tanks and water wells, the ponds and lakes, the method of bringing in water to the land, the power options for the land and sewage system. It can also be advantageous to consider putting up a solar power system in the land for use in your farm equipments; you may also opt to use electric or diesel power.

  • If you plan to put live stocks in your farm and grow them, you will have to consider the grazing area and the acreage; will there be enough of this for your animals? Or, will you have to clear some areas of trees for this purpose to give the animals a suitable living environment? Consider how you will go about with these issues.

  • Investing in a good water system for the whole farm is one good improvement that can increase the market value of the property. This can become a worthwhile project because this can help you save on taxes as this is 100% tax deductible.

There are several methods to improve, rework and develop a farm land or a ranch which in turn increases its market value. One good improvement you can do to your farm land is by building a water system that can sufficiently supply the water needs of the whole farm. Any investment in this project is very worthwhile. This will surely increase the market value of the property and add to that it is 100% tax deductible.

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