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Amendment 4 to alter Florida's future

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By : Anny Christian    99 or more times read
Miami Real Estate is all set for a change now as a proposal could give power to the people of a country to approve or disapprove real estate deals in the region. Does this sound interesting that no people will decide if any development in terms of property should take place in any particular region or not. The fate of Miami Real Estate will be decided on November 2 when it will be decided whether the amendment will be approved or not. This proposed change is all about giving power in the hands of voters to decide the land use in that particular region. According to the reports a group called ‘Florida Hometown Democracy’ is in favor of this amendment and this might affect the Miami Real Estate industry as now agents will find it challenging to look out for right property.

According to the former Mayor of Miami, Mauris Ferre has voted in favor of the amendment 4 and feels that this is essential in order to preserve green space in Florida and the adjoining areas. The Miami Real Estate will now find it challenging to woo the interested buyers as the property building will now be in the hands of people themselves. Most of the people who are in favor of this amendment which will change the face of Miami Real Estate industry are environmentalists, civic group and those who oppose rapid growth. This check is necessary in order to monitor the intrusion of buildings and property in the green areas in and around the city. Ferre further said, “We need this because the system is broken. It is visibly corrupt.”

The other school of thought is that if the amendment 4 is agreed to in the Miami Real Estate business, then it will damage the economy. People will be out of jobs as there will be no industry and also the city has to loose millions of dollars every year as part of taxes and additional expenses. The people want to be assured of the fact that whatever Miami Real Estate development is taking place, is all for the good of the city.
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