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Budgeting and Moving to France

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By : Anur Daniel    99 or more times read
France is a gorgeous country and almost everyone should visit said country at least once in their lifetime. But the question isówhat do you do when you are moving to France?

Well first of all, youíre probably going to need to make use of a removals company. Letís face itóthey make it ten times easier to get into your new home. Plus, if you are moving to France from another country then you are definitely going to need a bit of help.

But what does a removals company have to offer you? Why should you hire one?

Well, they can help you in quite a few ways, including with packing. There are loads of us who have the same problemówe just canít pack. It doesnít matter if you have a lot of stuff or a little, the company will pack for you.

Others provide insurance on the items that you are shipping. And almost all of them take everything from point a to point b and inside to the rooms you ask them to.

But budgeting for moving to France can be a bit difficult. Maybe you arenít sure what to doómaybe youíre so used to cards that you havenít really paid attention to this.

First of all, you need to understand that budgeting can be used for almost everything. But the first thing that you need to do when it comes to budgeting to move to another country is to look at how much you can save. For example, if you have an extra 50 of whatever currency you use, then thatís a start.

Next, you need to find a company and then see how much their rates are or try and get a free quote. Make sure that you include any rates, insurance, etc. If itís looking awfully expensive, tweak everything until it looks a little nicer (remember that some countries charge per hour and per man, but usually the hour is more expensive than that extra hand. In this case, you may want to hire more men so that it doesnít take quite as long and you are charged less).

Then, look back at your budget. Do you have any bills (such as a car note) that are ceasing or being paid off before you move and youíll have extra money on your paycheck? Well, thatís a start. If you have that extra money possibly coming up, then have a separate figure including itóbut donít count on it.

Another thing to do is to take any extra expenses that you donít need (such as fast food restaurants) and omit them. Just stop spending. If you spend 30 in food from restaurants a week (this is assuming you eat fast food daily or go out to eat once a week at a nice restaurant.), then cut it out. It is not recommended that you omit stress relievers such as cigarettes. This may seem ridiculous, but moving IS stressful and that will only add to your stress.

From there, get another quote a week before you move. (You should have first checked it out several months before you got ready to move.)

Then, youíre ready for the moving to France! Itís not only pretty darn cool, but it is a completely new cultural experience!
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