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House Movers: The Good, the Better, and the Best!

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By : Nill Kyle    99 or more times read
Picture this scenario:

Itís moving week and you are preparing to make the journey from your old home to your new one. So far, you have about ten thousand yards of tape everywhere from attempting to package your precious belongings. However, you have absolutely no idea where anything is; youíre pretty sure that your dog ate your last roll of unused tape; the boxes around you are smashed, screwed up, and just generally lumpy. As a matter of fact, they look a bit like bad troll sculptures.

Perhaps youíre attempting to move everything out and you accidentally drop your fridge on your foot on your way to the self serve van. Great. Not only can you not get your things anywhere, but you canít drive and you also cannot move out in the time that you were expecting to.

Then, you get in the car when your foot is taken care of and watch your friend drive the van instead. As you drive behind them, you can hear the crashing of glass and wood and other important items to the floor. But, since it was a self-serve moving van, and you didnít hire house movers, you have absolutely no way of replacing those items.

These are all reasons that you should hire house movers.

First of all, they pack for you (although your tape-eating dog MAY still be an issueÖ). This means that your house doesnít look like a disaster area and everything is boxed and packed safelyóyou donít have to worry about how well itís packed.

Secondly, you can hire as many hands as you feel you need. In many cases, itís cheaper to hire several hands instead of just one or two because that reduces your time which in turn reduces how much money you spend.

Third, most companies offer you some sort of insurance. Insurance not only allows you to receive compensation if anything is broken, but also gives you a piece of mind. However, if you are allowing the company to pack, chances are that you wonít have to worry about broken or lost items.

You also need to start budgeting everything out before you finally hire the company. First, get a quote. After that, you need to look at how much you can save without taking away from anything. If you donít have enough, tweak and change everything until you find a happy medium.

If you still donít have enough for everything that you need, then you need to start cutting things out.

Look at what you donít need. For example, if you go shopping for shoes every Friday, omit that. If you go out to eat every Sunday, you can cut back on that. Maybe you donít need that ultra deluxe pillow case just yet that costs forty euros. The point? Cut out things you want for something that you needógood, dependable house movers. In the end, it will be a lot more rewarding than buying more junk that you have to pack up.
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