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Ireland Removals within Ireland with Children and Pets

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By : Paul Mcleod    99 or more times read
Generally when you are moving within Ireland you will just be looking at a move with the country boundaries and your Ireland removals will be the type of move that may be local or a longer distance. If you are moving from Northern Ireland which is in the UK to The Republic of Ireland which is a member of the EU you should not encounter any differences except for perhaps various types of taxes and of course the currency but for the most part the moves are not considered international moves within the entire island of Ireland.

Therefore you need to look at this as a normal house move, if any house move can be called that and simply hire an Ireland removals company that is familiar with Ireland. As is the case with many areas of Europe and Great Britain the roads may be small and the stairways almost impossible to access but a good Ireland removals company will have all of this information already and have completed many moves within Ireland over the years. They have acquired loads of local knowledge so you will be able to get any information you may need from them.

Once you hire your moving company then you will have to begin to get your household packed up. You will need to make sure your children and pets are taken care of well before the actual move. Both small children and almost any pet will be stressed over a move to a new place. It may be best if you make arrangements for your small children to stay with relatives or friends as move is actually in progress until completed. Of course the older children will want to be involved with the move especially when it comes to actually packing and moving their own personal belongings and their own personal space. You can give your youngest children their own boxes to pack. Just make sure they are well sealed so they donít lose their precious belongings. Then you can assist them to pack up things that they donít want to be without. Then let them decorate their own boxes and note on them that they are to be removed or taken out of the moving van first upon arrival. Make sure they have put their name on their own box or boxes. This gets them involved with the move and they wonít feel so alienated.

As far as pets are concerned you need to make sure they go to the vet to make sure they are healthy and can make the move all right. Then you might consider putting a cat or a dog in a kennel or pet boarding place until the move is completed. This way they will not be underfoot during the move. When you finally get them into the new home make sure you take the pets and the children for a walk around the area so they become familiar with the neighborhood and its various sights and smells.
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