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Handling Removals Ireland and Unpacking

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By : Paul Mcleod    99 or more times read
In some peopleís minds the worst part about moving is the sorting and packing but in fact the worst part of removals in Ireland is the unpacking. Unpacking may seem to be easy because you should just be able to take all of the things you packed out of the various boxes, unwrap them and put them away. However you have not lived in that particular house before and unless you have a complete detailed recollection of all the cupboards and closets you probably will encounter some enigmas as you unpack. And then there is that instance when you unpack a huge porcelain soup tureen that was your grandmothers and find there is no cupboard in the new house where it can rest because it is just too big to fit on any shelf.

Of course when the removals Ireland company unloads your household goods and furniture from the moving van they will set the furniture and boxes in the rooms which are noted on the face of the boxes but in most cases you will be doing the unpacking. So as you begin to unpack you would probably start with the large wardrobe boxes which take up a lot of floor space. These are very easy to unpack because you can simply lift the clothes off the metal racks and put them onto the closet racks. But what about all of the shoes and purses and other items that you dumped into the bottom of that wardrobe box in the space beneath the clothes? Well you will probably just dump them out on the floor, right? Yes, but then they will be in your way so you do have to get them into a closet or someplace out of the way and get those wardrobe boxes out of the new house.

So those are taken care of, now you will need to start on the other boxes. First make sure any book cases or shelving that was moved are reassembled so when you unpack books and nick knacks you have a place to set them that is not on the floor. Things can be rearranged after everything is unpacked. You just donít want a bunch of stuff on the floor in your way.

You do need a plan when you unpack dishes and kitchenware because you will generate a huge pile of waste paper. When you were packing this paper was unwrinkled and in a nice thick pile while as you unpack it is in large crushed bundles. So plan on a place to discard it where it can be piled up until removed. If you leave it on the floor as you unpack it will be in the way again. Then you also have to break down the boxes so they are flat again so they can be stockpiled or sold or thrown out.

As you work you way through your Ireland removals you will finally see some order and then you will know you have had a good moving experience.
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