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Moving to Ireland from Outside the EU

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By : Paul Mcleod    99 or more times read
When you are moving to Ireland from the EU you are still within the EU and even Northern Ireland will not be much different except for the currency but you will encounter a few differences. If you are moving to Ireland from outside the EU you will have to do things differently depending where you are moving from.

First of all Ireland is an island so no matter where you are moving from outside the EU you will have to get your goods into Ireland over a body of water. Since most such moves are considered door to door which means that your removals company picks up your goods at the front door of the house you are leaving and then they unload your household goods inside the door of your new home. Other forms could be a port to port move or other variations. You will have to have your goods put in containers for the sea shipping. You should consider sole use containers which will have a barcode specifically for your move so they can be easily identified.

One of the requirements of the Irish government is that you owned your goods for six months or more before you import them. The same is true for any vehicles that you want to have relocated. You will need a copy of your passport and also a copy of the house rental agreement or of a house purchase. And of course you may encounter specific import specifies that your moving company will assist you with. They can also arrange for specialty shippers for your pets when you are moving to Ireland.

Once you have picked your Ireland removals company you will need to make sure you have good coordination. You pretty much know what is happening when the company comes in and actually remove your household goods but since you cannot accompany your goods along the entire journey you then lose control of what happens to your things. It could happen that there may be holdups at the customs clearance for various reasons such as they are experiencing a lot of traffic or they are x-raying some of the containers or even unpacking them. There also may be issues of a levy of import duties. Since certain items are restricted or limited such as the amount of alcohol or cigarettes that are brought in you could be assessed duties on these items.

If you have picked a removals company that is familiar with Ireland then you can be assured they are familiar with the roads of Ireland. They certainly will be familiar with all the rain that Ireland gets so your goods should be protected from any rain. The removals company will also have guided you on the purchase of any insurance that you may need for the movement of your goods. If for some reason your goods canít be delivered when they arrive in Ireland a good moving company will also have a secure storage area that your goods can wait at.
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