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Tips For Installing An Alarm

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By : Verne Eliasov    99 or more times read
It is virtually impossible to keep your property and possessions safe from burglars without the help of an alarm these days. Your home and business are vulnerable to intruders when you are not there and sometimes even when you are, and an alarm can act as an effective deterrent to intruders, particularly at night. In fact, it is advisable to set your alarm even when you are at home; particularly at night.

There are many types of alarm on the market so it's possible to find and alarm system to suit most budgets. Alarms are typically composed of some kind of detector, one or more sounders, a control pad and possibly a remote control. A remote control is useful as it allows you to activate or deactivate the alarm when you are not standing beside the control pad, and it can also act as a remote panic or duress alarm. Before you start looking at makes and models, it is advisable to determine what your security needs are. For your home and/or business you would most likely want to have either an indoor or outdoor alarm, or both, depending on your budget. It is important to distinguish between the two as they are constructed differently. Outdoor alarms, for example, are built to withstand the weather in a way that an alarm designed for indoor use is not. Another reason why you would not use an indoor alarm on the outside of a building is that the detectors of indoor alarms tend to be more sensitive and, as such, increase the possibility of false alarms from being triggered unnecessarily.

Regarding indoor alarm systems, there is a variety of different types of detectors on the market such as: infrared, motion, contact, window-break sensors and invisible infrared beams. As far as outdoor alarms go, the a commonly used first line of defense is electric fencing which provides a barrier around the perimeter of a property or premises and deters intruders by way of an electric shock. In South Africa, electric fencing usually attached to the top of a wall or perimeter structure. Outdoor infrared detectors can also be used for perimeters or at certain points such as the side of a house or building from where an intruder may approach. There is even a type of infrared outdoor detector designed specifically for semi-covered areas like patios.

You may decide to go with a stand alone alarm or one that is monitored remotely by a contracted security company. A monitored alarm is the better choice as a security company will respond any time your alarm goes off whether it is a false alarm or a genuine one. The frequency of false alarms in neighborhoods is such that an alarm going off tends to be ignored so it's a good idea to have a have a contract with a security company in the event that your alarm goes off for a genuine reason. When you select an alarm, make sure that the one you choose has a back-up battery and transformer-supporting system that will keep your alarm functioning in the case of a power failure.

After you have determined what kind of alarm you need based on whether it will be located indoors or out, it will be much easier to compare different makes and models and find an alarm that suits your needs.
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