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Removals London Located Used Book Shop

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Not just households need to use a removals London based firm but when a business like a used book store needs a removal company to move them. If this used bookshop is moving its location to another part of the city it need not be problematic especially if it is coordinated and handled correctly. Business moves happen every day and some are more successful than others because of the pre-planning that has already happened before the move.

How do you pre-plan a move? The first thing to do is decide exactly what day or days the move is going to take place. Do you want the store to be up and running until five PM on Friday evening and then reopen exactly at nine on Monday morning so the move can happen during a weekend? Then the move will have to be scheduled on a weekend. But sometimes a used book store does not require it being open to transact business during certain hours so perhaps a Monday and Tuesday move could work then you can spend the prior weeks sorting out books. Since a used book store by its nature has perhaps thousands of books it will take a lot of sturdy boxes to pack it up. Unless there is some reason the store owner has a strict time limit to move with little advance notice of the move then it would make sense in this case to purchase the boxes from the removals London company and proceed to pack the boxes using book store staff and all the family members you can find.

You would also need to consider any file cabinets. Often a used book store also has art work or prints that they house in some form of file cabinets or drawers. They can be moved as is with no further packing except perhaps wrapping the cabinets and chest or drawers in a movers blanket to protect them during the move. If the contents of a cabinet or drawer are loose and may move around then you should put some form of packing over them so they can be safely moved with no damage. But normally a removals London company would not tip a cabinet or chest upside down but simply put them on the dolly and rolled out to the moving van. The same would be true of large reading chairs or other cabinets. But if there is anything that requires security then the file cabinets should be the locking kind.

Items like computers require special protection so the hard drive or computer screen is not broken or destroyed. Then there are any other chairs and tables and perhaps any decorative items that need to be packed.

This is a good time to go through the used books you are moving to insure there are no books that do not need to make the move. Have a huge inventory reduction sale for several weeks before the move, hope they sell and save the money it would take to move them.
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