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Tips on Moving With a London Removals Company

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By : John Johny    99 or more times read
Any London removals company will try their best to give you the service you would expect from a professional London removals company. But it is what you actually do yourself that will impact how well that move will actually go. You see, you will be on your own whether you hire the removals company to pack your boxes or if you pack some of them and they pack other items. They will not be next to you as you do all of the things required to make it a great move. Of course they should only be a telephone call away to give any advice or assistance but if you are a night owl and choose to pack at midnight you will not be able to ring someone up and get their advice.

You have picked your London removals company and now you have to sort out your household and decide what you are going to move and what you are going to toss or give away or sell in a yard sale. The first tip is you have to have a good idea of what your new home will look like. Draw up a house plan and check the room sizes against what you currently have. Then go room by room and make sure your furniture and other items will fit and look good in the space you will have.

This is a good time to think about discarding items you no longer use or need. It is a very good time to call your nieces or nephews and find out if they need furniture or dish ware or other items that you don’t need any more. This will save you money on the move because you will be moving fewer items. Many people are packrats and have accumulated too many items. If they have any value then sell them. Consign them to an auction house or sell them online like through craigs list. But you must begin the process months before the move. You can not sell items in a day unless you are having a house sale. Of course this is another way to go simply put a price tag on the items you are not going to move and open up the house. But even when you do this it takes some time and thought as to what price you are going to put on the items.

Another tip is to use the correct boxes. It is amazing how easy it is to pack a mirror or a picture in a mirror pack. They are made for that purpose. The same is true when you pack dishes. If you use a dish pack with its sturdy walls, it adds extra protection to your dishes. It is much easier knowing your dishes are safer with this type of box.

Remember that the movers will be hauling those boxes of yours so don’t pack them so heavy that they are in danger of the bottom falling out of them.
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