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There are always horror stories about moving but overall removal companies do try to keep their customers happy. If they have too many disgruntled customers they will not be in business of moving anybody if they donít keep most of their customers satisfied. And honestly, rogue movers are talked about because it makes a great story but it is more common to hear about the moves that turn out just right. You do have to use common sense when you hire removal companies just as you would when you entrust any of your personal goods to someone else to take care of.

When you have arranged for a moving company to move your household goods you have entered a contract with that company. But things do happen, that is simply human nature. How do you, as the customer, protect yourself against this type of thing happening to you. Well, in most cases you will never be faced with this dilemma.

Generally a moving company will have you sign a contract that has a window of time for delivery of your items. There generally will not be a firm delivery date written on the contract but they may tell you it will be there on a certain date and time but they do have the option to change that somewhat.

And of course as the seasons turn to winter the moving company may encounter weather related issues. The contract will generally say they are not responsible for circumstances beyond their control like the weather. However you too will generally be aware of the weather situation between where you are moving from to where you are moving to. All you have to hope is you didnít pack things that could freeze. That is why moving companies will not be responsible for live plants as they can freeze or if not watered that can cause them to die off also. The same is true for live pets such as a parrot or hamster or rabbit.

But for the most part the removal companies will do everything in their power to get your household goods to you. That is why they ask you for a contact phone number where you can be reached at all times. If they encounter delays or other issues and they have to contact you they really do need a telephone number where you can be reached. The same is true in reverse, if you encounter a problem the driver will give you his mobile phone number where you can reach him at all times or at least leave a message for him to contact you. It would be a disaster if you are unable to meet them at the final destination and you didnít call them and they are left to sit outside your new home and canít reach you because you never called them to say you would be held up. In this case you would probably encounter additional charges for your move which could have been handled if you had called them.
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