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Germany Removals with Ease

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By : Michel Knell    99 or more times read
If you are moving within Germany or into Germany form a location within the EU you should not have any difficulties because there are all those free market borders that allow ease of movement across borders. You would need a Germany removals company who is familiar with the country of Germany so that you can get your household goods from the origination to your final destination. If you are coming from the UK or Ireland you will need to cross the North Sea or come across the Atlantic into perhaps France then up to Germany. You personally will only need a copy of your passport because Germany is a full member of the European Union.

A Germany removals company will arrange to pick up your household goods on a specific day. There are some things you can do to make that move easier. If you are going to have your household goods packed into a sea container that is loaded aboard a ship then you should consider a sole use container that contains just your household goods. This container would have a bar code to identify it as belong to you. Just as for any other packing you will need to make sure all of your items are well protected because they will be hauled on and off of a sea going vessel. If they are picked up in a van then they will make their way overland to your destination.

Before your Germany removals company arrives at your door on moving day you should have notified them in advance if you have any items that require extra care such as a plasma TV which will require additional protection as will most all electronics. With all of the electronics you should have them disconnected and all of the power cords and other cords in close contact with the unit. So many electronic devices have similar cords and if the proper one is not used then you may destroy the unit. It is easy to make sure the cords are with the proper unit. Just use one of the plastic bag ties or the ones that came with the unit and wrap them together or you can also use an elastic band to keep the pieces of cords together then use a permanent marker and note on the transformer or plug the name of the unit such as hp310 or such. It is very hard to get replacement cords especially if the units are older ones.

Another thing to make that removals easier is to make sure you have notified all of your suppliers such as the satellite company, gas and oil, TV licensing, any telecom companies at both locations so you have a phone and internet connections upon arrival. You should also consider obtaining a referral to a doctor so you get any medical records transferred before you have a medical emergency. The same might apply to a dentist also. If the move is well planned it should go with ease.
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