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Moving House Without Losing Your Mind

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By : Verne Eliasov    99 or more times read
Moving house is not something anyone looks forward to. Psychologists say it the most stressful experience you can go through after death and divorce. But there are a few fundamental principles that can make moving house a far simpler, easier and less exhausting process. The first is planning of course. You cannot wait until the week before you move to start organizing and packing and then expect everything to go smoothly, even if you are only moving a one bedroom flat full of furniture and miscellaneous stuff. You have to start at least two months in advance and draw up a strict schedule and then stick to it. Lists, if properly made, can save your life.

The first thing on your list should be “send the word out”. You simply will not be able to do this on your own and believe me your 12 year old is not going to be that much help no matter how much you nag him. And husbands, well they tend to think that lifting the boxes is moving and we all know there’s a lot more to it than it. So, don’t be shy, send out emails, text messages, Facebook it even, but let everyone you know, know that you are moving house and list a variety of task you need help with and ask them to offer their services. You’d be amazed how many people don’t mind helping other people move. The kinds of things they like doing are bringing you lots and lots of boxes (this empties their garage so you’re doing them a favour too); picking up all your 12 year old’s outgrown clothes for their 8 year olds; helping you trim your wardrobe (someone else always wants your junk); and, drinking wine in your kitchen while they watch you pack up your grocery cupboards and crockery. Company on its own is helpful when you’re moving, it distracts you.

The next thing on your list must be “hold a jumble sale” and sell everything you haven’t worn/used in two years (unless it belonged to a dead grandparent and has some sentimental value and does not occupy more than half a square metre of space); everything you don’t want to give away; and anything that you actually cannot identify the nature of. A good example is hot water bottles. If you have an electric blanket on each bed and four hot water bottles, sell three, one is enough for emergencies. REALLY. And that green suede coat you bought at that trendy second hand clothes shop in London? Sell it, the Pied Piper look suits no one, not even the Pied Piper. Moving house does not have to mean moving everything in the house, you are allowed to exercise some discretion.

And whatever you do, take your time. Things do not go that much quicker when you run from one room to the next, unless you really are moving out of an enormous house. Packing three boxes at once is going to get confusing and you really don’t want to spend three hours looking for your 10 month old cherub only to eventually hear his cries escaping from the box you were sure you packed your Tupperware in. It will all get done. Just make lots of lists.
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