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Residential, Commercial and Farm Foreclosures Continue As Before

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By : John Cutts    99 or more times read
A few weeks ago, processing of certain residential foreclosures was put on hold as Bank of America implemented a moratorium on the sale of distressed homes under its books. Farm foreclosures and government foreclosed properties were not affected, but it seems that everything will resume as before in the real estate market of Wisconsin as the bank has announced that it has now decided to lift the suspension.

Residential properties facing foreclosures in the state, including Madison foreclosures, which are connected with the bank, will now continue to be processed, ending the brief respite given to the owners of these properties. Bank of America has announced that it has now lifted the moratorium on foreclosure sales in 23 U.S. states which include Wisconsin.

In an effort to somehow ease the problem, Bank of America and four other banks have promised to help in maintaining foreclosure homes in Wisconsin that have been left vacant and are currently boarded up and empty. The banks had pledged to work with the local group, Common Ground.

The state was hit hard by the foreclosure crisis, with distressed residential properties and farm foreclosures numbering by the thousands in most areas of Wisconsin. In Milwaukee alone, around 6,400 households are about to lose their homes to foreclosures. This has a detrimental effect on most neighborhoods in the city and the whole state.

This effect has prompted Common Ground to launch an initiative designed to encourage owners of foreclosed homes to exert efforts to maintain properties under their books. Bank of America, along with several other banks, have agreed to support the group's efforts and representatives from these companies have reportedly been sent to Milwaukee.

Aside from Common Ground and Bank of America, the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority also got involved in easing the effects of the foreclosure problem by helping troubled homeowners find alternative ways to foreclosures. The collaboration between state and private organizations and banks is being seen as a positive development by most residents of the state.

Although Wisconsin is still facing rising levels of foreclosures, including residential and farm foreclosures, local officials and advocacy groups are optimistic about the benefits that ongoing collaborations will provide to the area's housing market.
John Cutts has been educated in the finer points of the foreclosure market over 5 years.

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