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7 Reasons Why People Choose To Downsize

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By : James Hardy    99 or more times read
Downsizing wasn’t a word that you heard many years ago, and even if you did it was likely to be whispered. It was almost as though there was something shameful about it and that the only reason why anyone would actually do it, was because they couldn’t afford to stay put. Nowadays though, people downsize to a smaller property at many different stages of life and for all kinds of different reasons. Although in some cases finances may play a part in the decision, there just isn’t the same stigma attached to it any more as we become more focused on quality of life rather than what we own. Here are just a few reasons that you might consider downsizing:

1. The children have left home

Even after the children left home, few couples years ago would have contemplated parting with the family home, not only because of the memories associated with it, but also because they considered it their children’s legacy. Today though, increasing numbers are questioning the sense in hanging on to properties which are much too big for their needs and on which their children are likely to lose a huge chunk to the taxman.

2. To move to the countryside/seaside

With the pace of city life being as it is, many people long for the peace and quiet and the pollution-free air of the countryside or the seaside. Many parents want to move their children to more rural areas too, where they can have greater freedom and feel safer.

3. Financial freedom

Although we tend to think that it is only seniors who downsize to regain some financial freedom, more and more people in their thirties and forties have become disillusioned with paying out for hefty mortgages which leave them nothing for the luxuries in life such as foreign travel, that car or boat that they’ve always dreamed of or even to buy a holiday home abroad. For pensioners, of course the opportunity to make that pension go further can also be a huge incentive.

4. To free up some cash so that you work part-time

It’s one of life’s enigmas that we either have plenty of time and no money, or plenty of money and no time. Freeing up some cash to allow you to work part-time can mean the best of both worlds.

5. To move into the city and cut down on the commute

At the same time as some want to get out of the city, for those with a big house in the country and a long commute, a smaller house or apartment in the city can be much more convenient and take much of the stress out of the long commute.

6. The house and/or garden takes too much effort to maintain

It is not only as we grow older that the job of maintaining a large house and garden can become burdensome. Younger families who may have dreamed of a huge property with plenty of land can also find themselves with insufficient time to keep on top of work, family and a large home.

7. To live a simpler, less materialistic life

After decades in which society has become increasingly materialistic, more and more people just yearn nowadays for a simpler life in which they can get back to some good old-fashioned values.
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