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Extraordinary Gifts for the New Homeowner

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By : Andy Asbury    99 or more times read
If you've already read part one of this article, "Unique Gift Ideas for the New Homeowner - The Sensible Sort," you'd have seen some very out of the ordinary gift ideas. All are perfectly practical, yet different enough to elicit a happy and surprised response. But if you'd really like to take your Christmas shopping up a notch, come along as we take a look at a few non-essential essentials for the new homebuyer.

So, you know someone who has recently purchased a home, and you're thinking about getting them a little something for their new place. Why bother with the same old, same old, when you can get something that screams luxury, and has a touch of eccentricity mixed in for good measure.

If you think that your friend's new home is a bit small and could use an extra room, why not get them one? The Cloud is a portable nylon room that self-inflates using a fan. The Cloud can house about six adults without claustrophobia setting in, and provides a great space for relaxing and brainstorming. It does indeed look like a cloud, and would be perfect in a loft or house with modern decor. Otherwise it would just look silly.

Another item that's a must-have as winter approaches is the Portable Hockey Rink. There are various sizes available, and they're a breeze to set up. Just lay the rink liner out, fill with two inches of water, and wait for Jack Frost to drop by. Voila! Instant hockey rink. A vinyl liner keeps your grass safe, and the rink's border ensures that when the ice melts, you won't have a flood in your backyard. Keep in mind however, that this rink only works if you live in an area that's cold enough to accommodate it.

Did the person on your list just buy a home in a warmer climet? Don't worry because there are plenty of gift ideas that are on par with the backyard skating rink, but are meant for summertime fun.

If your friend has a pool in their backyard, there are tons of surprising accessories out there. Ever go swimming and find yourself wishing you could crank your iPod from in the water? Now there's a floating Water Resistant iPod System that can play your favorite tunes while you relax in the pool or bathtub. Not only does this stereo system float, but it also shuts off automatically when the surrounding environment has been quiet for over two minutes; there's no energy waste with this system.

Surpassing even a waterproof stereo system, in terms of extravagance, is the Motorized Pool Lounger. No more tiring workouts paddling from one end of the pool to the other. Now you can simply power up and go! There is a built-in cup holder, two quiet propellers, and navigation controls that resemble arcade joysticks. In the product description, the company rightfully asks "Why just float when you can drive?"

When your friend is tired of motoring around her new swimming pool, she may have a hankering to play billiards. What's a girl to do? Bust out the Waterproof Pool Table of course! These all-weather billiard tables can be custom installed directly in your swimming pool, and run upwards of $6,500.

What could make a sweeter gift for a new homeowner than to give them a skylight in any room they wanted? With the SkyV HD Virtual Skylight, you can give your friend a realistic looking skylight that is actually a high definition LCD screen. Featuring animated birds, clouds, and any number of natural scenes, the SkyV HD Virtual Skylight allows you to gaze at the stars any time you want.

To help your friend decorate his new abode, consider getting him a complete aquarium set that's both functional and unexpected. There are aquarium sinks and tables available, which allow you to have a window to the marine world, right in your bathroom sink or nightstand. Why settle for porcelain fixtures when you can have colorful fish swimming underneath you as you brush your teeth?

For fire lovers, there are now Flametop Tables on the market, which produce a small ethanol flame from the center of the table. This kind of fire doesn't smell or smoke, and dousing the flames is as easy as placing a cover on top. Beyond sophisticated, these tables will definitely make an impression at your friend's housewarming party.
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