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Why go for home staging in Calgary?

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By : Terry Hawkston    99 or more times read
Did you know that prices of homes in Calgary have risen more than 300 percents since 1999? Now is great time to sell a home in Calgary, and many people are taking advantage of the robust sellers' market. The most visible group are aging baby boomers, who are downsizing since their kids have flown the nest. In such a competitive housing market, the best way to stand out from the others is to budget for home staging in Calgary.

Home staging in Calgary is a thriving business. There are 81 home staging specialists who operate home staging business in Calgary. This only takes into account members of Canadian Home Staging Association. There are many other interior decorators and designers, and many amateurs as well, who are taking advantage of the new awareness that home staging can make a great difference when selling a home.

People who have never used services of a home stager are reluctant to budget for this service, thinking that there is nobody who knows their home as they do, and nobody who can really show their home to the best advantage. They cannot be more wrong.

The main role of home staging in Calgary is to depersonalize a home and make it attractive to a larger pool of potential buyers. This is not possible for home owners, especially if they have lived in the home for many years. They are too emotionally involved and the home reflects their own way of life and personal taste to a very high degree. The home is full of personal treasures, which are sometimes 20 or 30 years old. The appliances are often ancient, with the logic that 'if it is not broken, no need to fix it.'

New buyers are very spoiled by a large number of decorating shows on TV and are aware of new trends and fashions. Even those who have never owned stainless steel fridge, expect one in their new home. People who came from a rural home in Viet Nam or India expect their home in Calgary to have marble counters. We are all victims of media, which is forming our taste without us actually realizing what is happening.

A home staging professional in Calgary is aware of all the customers' expectations. They are in general well trained in how to decorate for the current market, and know all the new trends. Home staging in Calgary means that a professional will take a home, which was well-loved by one family for many years, and make it into a fulfillment of dreams of many people of different taste. That requires a particular skill, and quite a lot of training. In addition, home stagers have access to furniture and accessories that can help show a home to its best advantage. Such a purchase for an owner would be too expensive, and they probably would not even think of replacing their own furniture just so that their home gets sold.

The prices of home staging in Calgary greatly vary, depending on the time spent on staging, and the experience of a stager. If the budget is tight, it is possible to hire a stager for a consultation only. They can walk through a home and point most important changes that would show a home better. It is up to home owners to accept their advice of not. Home staging in Calbary gets more expensive if there is a need for more elaborate changes, like rebuilding an ancient bathroom or a kitchen. The furniture, if it has to be replaced, can be rented instead of bought, what greatly cuts on the price.

The statistics show that a home that is professionally prepared for a sale can get up to 30 percents more than the one that has not been worked on. In addition, such a home gets sold much faster, saving a family days and sometimes months of living in a limbo between homes until their home gets sold.
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