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What you need to do if you want to sell during a downmarket

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Don't inflate the price of your home! It's not rocket science when the market is down, the price tag on your house has to be as well. It might be hard to hear. If you paid ?300,000 for a house, you don't want to sell it for less. But, a down market is a time when you have to compromise: this starts with the price. This doesn't necessarily mean you need to cut The cost significantly, however don't strive too high, not even to start with.

Check out the competition: Believe it or not, you aren't the only person selling a house. Chances are, you aren't even the only person in your immediate area trying to sell and move on. Instead of letting your competition be, see what they are offering. Are they doing something creative that you didn't think of? Are they having open houses complete with live bands? Are they offering a furnished game room? Go searching and find some ideas. You'll not just discover what sellers are doing, but you'll also see what buyers are looking for.

Keep your house looking good: It's hard to maintain your home clean, gleaming, and looking like brand new, however when you're trying it, your house has to look its best. This not just means you need to clean and scrub prior to scheduled showings, but you should also keep your house dazzling when showings aren't scheduled. You just never know when someone may be in the neighbourhood and show up unexpectedly.

Be ready to rock and roll: In a down market, you - as a seller - need to be ready to rock 'n roll: before you even consider selling, make sure all your ducks are lined up. This not only means you should clean your house, fix items that are broken, and upgrade things that are rundown, but you also need to have a solid move out date and a solid move in date for your buyers. All your financial T's ought to be crossed and your I's dotted. Anything that makes you hold up a sale may also cause you to lose one.

Offer buyers incentives: Sure, a low price may be incentive enough for some buyers, but others might be holding out for something more. This is why creativity can really take over. Perhaps you have rugby season tickets you do not really use, maybe you have a time share in Spain that you just don't visit enough, maybe you have a restored Spitfire you've been thinking about putting up for sale. There are a ton of incentives that talk to the heart of the buyer; be creative and see which one speaks to yours.
Gavin Brazg is editor of The Quick House Sale Advisory - UK's largest free resource of free expert advice for UK House sellers.

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