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Calls to Dismiss Single Family and Triplex Foreclosed Homes Cases

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By : John Cutts    99 or more times read
Maryland lawyers who represent homeowners facing possible foreclosures, including those who own triplex foreclosed homes, have called on state courts to dismiss cases that have questionable documents and paperwork signed by alleged robo-signers.

A nonprofit organization called Civil Justice, which specializes in issues related to Baltimore foreclosed homes for sale, MD and other foreclosure types all around the region, has filed motions to dismiss the cases. The association has asked the courts to dismiss cases involving foreclosure paperwork signed by GMAC's Jeffrey Stephan and Wells Fargo's Xee Moua.

Stephan and Xee were singled out because of the depositions they signed earlier in the year claiming that both employees have signed affidavits without any personal knowledge of information contained in them. Some homeowners and market observers have attributed the high number of Maryland foreclosed homes for sale to this so-called robo-signing practice.

Advocates of troubled homeowners have stated that Stephan and Xee are involved in hundreds of foreclosure documentation for pending cases in the state ranging from single family homes to triplex foreclosed homes to other distressed residential properties. They argued that if the courts gave the permission to have these properties repossessed and sold, the properties' ownership will be put into doubt since alleged faulty paperwork were used to file the cases.

The motions further argued that failure to dismiss the cases will result in the number of houses foreclosure for sale to rise further, which will then hinder the recovery of the housing industry since the market will be mired in legal battles concerning the properties' titles. Advocates have asserted that the only alternative is to dismiss the cases and order servicers to conduct foreclosure processing the right way.

Civil Justice filed the motion following the implementation of an emergency ruling in the state which states that judges who find or who are aware of problems in foreclosure documents can order the signee to appear in courts and explain the reason why a particular case involving paperwork that they signed should push through.

Meanwhile, owners facing foreclosures, including those who own single family homes and triplex foreclosed homes, are advised to seek the help of lawyers, housing agencies or nonprofit organizations to check whether the case against them is valid or not.
John Cutts has been educated in the finer points of the foreclosure market over 5 years.

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