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Sellers Prioritize Downtown Federal Foreclosed Homes and Residences

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By : John Cutts    99 or more times read
Several real property agents in Fort Worth, Texas were recently given some training to be able to promote downtown properties better, including bank and federal foreclosed homes and non-foreclosure dwellings. A number of real estate developers and house sellers reportedly believe that agents and brokers are not as knowledgeable about the downtown housing market as they should be.

The training class was meant to teach agents about the nature of downtown Fort Worth foreclosed homes, TX and regular residential properties and earn the Certified Urban Experts title. The certification program is the brainchild of the Downtown Fort Worth Inc. and the Greater Fort Worth Association of Realtors.

According to the organizations, agents mostly know about suburban Texas foreclosure houses and non-foreclosure dwellings outside the downtown area, but when it comes to the downtown market, most agents are not very well-informed. They added that home buyers who visit residences in the downtown region often initiate the visitation, with agents not making much of an effort to encourage buyers to go for residential properties in this area.

State housing data showed that over 80% of suburban area transactions that involve bank and federal foreclosed homes and non-foreclosure residences originate from agents taking buyers to the residential property. When it comes to downtown transactions, only around 20% are initiated by property agents, with most of them having exclusive representations of a residential property.

Home sellers and developers in downtown Fort Worth have stated that most agents and brokers are not as involved as they wish with the downtown sale of foreclosure homes and non-foreclosure houses. They added that the aim of the training program is to build a real estate sales force that really understands the downtown residential property market.

In the past, urban residents had very few options when it comes to downtown housing, which is the primary reason why brokers and agents do not usually bother with the area. However, market analysts stated that since 2009, the downtown housing industry has been changing and has created more opportunities for home developers.

They added that interest in bank and federal foreclosed homes and non-foreclosure dwellings in the downtown region has been fed by various redevelopment efforts, including the Bank One project and other development projects involving residential buildings.
John Cutts has been educated in the finer points of the foreclosure market over 5 years.

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