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4 Reasons Why Selling Your Home Quickly Will Ease Your Way Into A Life In The Sun

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By : James Hardy    99 or more times read
The cost of living, the crime rates, the stressful way of life, the pollution and, not least, the weather, these are all reasons why thousands of Brits decide to jack it all in and head for pastures new each and every year. Whether itís Spain, France, the USA or Australia that they are headed for, the promise of a more relaxed and fulfilling existence is just too tempting. Moving abroad though, calls for some mastermind planning and organization which can often be made harder when finances need to be juggled at both ends. Trying to get a house sale in the UK to coincide with a purchase abroad, for example, can be nigh on impossible and can often lead to the necessity for expensive loans to be taken out in the meantime. Here then are 4 reasons why selling up quickly in the UK first can help to ease the way.

  1. More bargaining power abroad

    Cash speaks louder than anything no matter which country you are moving to and, whether you are negotiating a property deal or buying a car in a foreign country, you will always be a better proposition if you have no need to arrange loans or finance. Selling first in the UK and being a cash buyer could make all the difference, particularly if you are bidding against another buyer who does not have immediate access to funds.

  2. Frees up cash to look around

    The costs of traveling backwards and forwards to your chosen country to look for property, deal with legal issues connected with your purchase and so on can mount up, but with the cash from your house sale in the UK in the bank, you can take your time and choose more carefully.

  3. Instant access to your new home

    Selling ahead of time in the UK and freeing up cash to purchase abroad before you move not only avoids having to rent accommodation in a foreign country, but also gets around the issue of arranging storage facilities abroad, which can often be difficult and expensive. It is far easier to store in the UK and then ship when you are ready to move into your new property. In the UK, you may not even have to pay for storage facilities as often friends and family are able to accommodate your possessions until such time as you move.

  4. Fairer on pets and children

    Moves abroad can be unsettling for both pets and children and so any need for temporary accommodation is often best met in the UK. Staying with friends or family can not only help to cut costs, but is also a good option in terms of retaining a sense of the familiar for animals and children before you make your final move abroad.
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