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Staging Your Home For a Faster Sale

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By : Eric Badgley    99 or more times read
While the market is slow, you might need all the help you can get selling your house. In order to sell your house, not only do the buyers need to want it, they need to want it more than all the other houses around you. It is imperative to have a clean, inviting and exciting home for buyers to view.

The first step in getting your house ready for viewing is cleaning. Not only do you need to perform a deep clean of every room in the house, but you need to move a lot of your stuff out. A smart way to go about this would be to get a storage unit for all of the extra clutter while your house is on the market. You want your buyer to see your house, not your stuff. Once you think your home is clean, let your realtor walk though and critique your space, they might see something that you donít.

After the initial cleaning process is through, asses the arrangement of your home. For best results, make each room seem open and bright. Dark small spaces donít give the viewer much hope for creating it their own. With an open space, the buyer can fantasize about how their furniture will look in your house. Keeping curtains opened and lights on can help with these things. Move your furniture around if you need to, or even remove some pieces if a room is too crowded. Make sure there are clear pathways between rooms, creating easily accessible paths for your buyer to wander through the house.

Consider how each room smells, light candles or place air fresheners in rooms or hallways to make your home smell inviting. Careful not to go overboard with scent however, as some people might have an aversion to them. Keep extra light bulbs around to make sure that there is never a dark light when a buyer flips a switch. Make sure trash cans are emptied and the bathrooms are fully stocked with toilet paper in case a buyer needs to use the restroom while viewing your house.

First impressions are key, which means the areas you should attend to most are the front yard, porch and front room. Make sure that all of your plants are groomed, your porch is clear of clutter and dirt, and your front room is immaculate. The porch light should work, your door knob should turn easily and a fresh welcome mat is always a nice touch.

You have made your home perfectly inviting, now itís time to size up your competition. Look at the other houses for sale around you. Make sure that you keep up with them. You house needs to look the best if you want to sell quickly. While having homes for sale around you might bring in more viewers, it can be detrimental to your listing if they look better. Let your realtor know when you see other houses on the market, and they can get your tours and information on your competitors. Keep up with advertising and pictures of your beautiful home, and hopefully buyers will be flocking to your property.
This article was produced by the Eric Badgley; specializing in Whatcom County Real Estate and Bellingham Washington Real Estate.

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