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It Will be Years Before the Residential House Building Industry Recovers

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By : Julie Thompson    99 or more times read
Despite the small improvement in construction last August it will be years before the residential house building industry recovers. The pace would have to at least go up by double to indicate that a healthy change is on its way. In all likelihood this will not happen before the middle of this decade.

The builders are facing competition from foreclosure figures running into millions together with different distressed units. There are no signs of the tide ebbing. Unless this happens, the construction section is in no position to improve its position.

Last August house construction went up by 10.5% calculating to 598,000 (seasonally adjusted) according to a recent report of the Commerce Department. The figures however jumped because of 32% spike in the construction of apartments and condos – the most volatile section of the market.

73% of the market is comprised of single-family houses. It grew by 4% last August from the previous month of July. Overall housing starts went up by 25% from its nadir of 2009 April. However it remains 74% less than the peak of 2006 January. Economist Paul Dales of Capital Economics said, “Homebuilding activity remains at an astoundingly weak level”.

Majority of the experts feel that the pace has to double before it can be said that this section is regaining health. The count should be 1.2 million to 1.5 million annually. Dales opines that this will not take place before a minimum period of another three or maybe four years.

The building industry is passing through the hangover period of massive over reaching during the time of housing boom. It experienced the construction of 2 million houses each year right through from 2004 to 2006. Many speculators snapped up these properties and then resold them to borrowers who contracted risky mortgages; ultimately it lead to the defaulting of the millions of borrowers. This unsustainable boom times are not likely to return, commented the economists.

Brad Hunter of Metrostudy said "We’re not going to get back to that kind of unsupportable level of demand”. His forecast is this year 670,000 houses will be built and that it will touch the one million mark not before 2012 – and that too only if recession does not again overtake the economy.

In general it is the building sector that helps the economy to recover but this time it is the reverse – the housing sector is waiting for the economy to give it a boost.
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