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How to Appeal to Holiday Home Buyers

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By : Jamie Mathwig    99 or more times read
While many home sellers shy away from trying to sell their home near the holidays, it can actually be in ideal time to showcase the comfort and attractiveness of your house to winter buyers. Seasonal staging should focus on making your home feel inviting while addressing any seasonal weather that can make home tours inconvenient.

  • Set up your entranceway for the weather: Unless you live in a warm area of the country, chances are there is some kind of inclement weather in your area in the winter. To make prospective buyers feel welcome, set up a coat rack or clear out your front hall closet for them to hang their heavy winter coats. Set a boot tray by the front door so that there is somewhere for them to put their wet shoes. An umbrella rack can also help keep water off your floors if you live in a more temperate area that isnít cold enough for snow.

  • Make your home comfortable: Donít choose tour times to try to cut back on your heating bills; prospective buyers want to feel like a new home will be comfortable and cosy when they come in from the cold, so keep the temperature comfortable.

  • Donít overdo the decorations: While it can be hard to not decorate your home for your particular seasonal holiday, remember that buyers want to see themselves living in your home and may not share in the same holiday traditions as you. Also, it can be hard to see all the details of a home if itís full of holiday decorations. Keep the decorations to a winter theme if you just have to decorate but try to keep the clutter to a minimum.

  • Take advantage of comfort smells: Most people associate certain scents with the comfort of home, so take advantage of this phenomenon when you are having prospective buyers tour your home. Some of the most welcoming scents are coffee, cookies, or freshly baked bread. Easy ways to take advantage of the scent advantage is to mix up or purchase cookie or bread dough that you can bake up before a home tour. Put on a pot of coffee just before you leave the house before a tour as well for a good combination of smells as well as a treat for the agent and buyers to have while they visit your home.

Donít be afraid to keep your home on the market in the winter when you can see how easily you can winterize your home staging and make home tours to your house a lot more comfortable.
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