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Do you really want to hire an 'Aggressive Realtor'?

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By : Alan Barker    99 or more times read
Many home sellers want to hire an "Aggressive Real Estate Agent." Sellers like these usually need to sell their homes, or have had their home listed on the market for a really long time with no success from an agent not seen as aggressive.

What these sellers want is their house sold, and they believe that there are agents out there who can be that "pushy salesman" who can sell anything. If the money is right, a salesman will do everything to make a sale right?

While real estate is part of the sales industry, homes are rarely sold using high pressure sales techniques. You'll never see an agent show a home and tell the client that they must sign the offer today to be eligible for the once in a life time deal. Real estate agents don't use gimmicks offering free upgrades for signing today. It just doesn't work that way, homes are too big of a financial decision, and there are so many variables buyers must consider.

Even if an "aggressive agent" did pressure a buyer into making an offer, the buyer has many options to back out of it. The typical real estate closing is more than a month after the offer is written. This offers plenty of time for buyer’s remorse, before the home is purchased and the deal actually closes.

There are a few areas where the "aggressive agent" does have success. The pushy salesperson is good at getting listings. The aggressive agent tells the seller what they want to hear, and then uses traditional "power closes" to get a long term listing agreement. Aggressive agents promise the world, and ensure the seller they can get the high sales price desired.

After the listing agreement is signed, the "aggressive agent" is very good at getting price drops. They know the home can't sell at its current price, and if a home doesn't sell, they don't make any money. They use their aggressive sales approach again, this time to get the seller to lower the home price or accept a low offer. Getting a commission check as soon as possible is the main motive for the aggressive agent.

Aggressive agents usually sell a lot of homes, but they usually aren't good at getting top dollar for their client. With aggressive real estate agents, the real victim of the sales tactics is the sellers themselves.
If you are looking to sell real estate in Logan Utah you want a good Logan real estate agent not a pushy salesman.

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