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The Five Things About You That Contribute To Your Credit Score

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By : Abraham Ciwolski    99 or more times read

Banks and other businesses use a person's credit score to decide on personally significant information such as credit amounts, and interest rates on loans; therefore, your score, between 300-850 is very important. Your FICO (Fair Isaac Company) credit score is the one utilized by 90% of financial institutions, and is considered to be the most important credit score. The closer your FICO credit score is to 850 the better.

The first, and most significant aspect formulating your credit score is whether or not you pay your bills in a timely fashion. This single thing determines 35% of your entire score; so, people who are worried with their credit score should always pay at least the minimum balance owed each month for every account they have. Individuals should purposely watch for: the number of accounts paid in full, a bankruptcy in your history, and the quantity of overdue bills.

The second most noteworthy part of your credit score is the disparity between your balance owed on accounts and your total credit limit. The type of accounts owed on, the total quantity of accounts with a balance owed, and the amount of bills that have a balance all factor into this credit score statistic. Lenders will not be impressed by folks who owe above 50% of their credit amount to a specific business. Individuals who have multiple credit cards that have large balances will have an even lower credit score.

The next thing that determines your credit score is the 15% which accounts for the length of time that you have been utilizing your credit. The longer your credit history is positive, the better your credit score. Since credit history is important to your whole credit score, it is not necessary to terminate accounts you no longer use. The duration of credit history will probably affect young people the most; if you possess no credit history to speak of, then it's length becomes more imperative.

Finally, the last 20% of your score is dependent on the amount of new accounts you have opened lately and the diversity of the accounts you have. 10% of one's score is attributed to both of these statistics. The way to have the most positive effect on your score in these instances is to open new accounts gradually, and to start an assortment of accounts. For example, a major credit card, a department store credit card, and a line of credit paid in monthly installments are all likely to have a constructive affect on your credit score if opened over an extended period of time.

Understanding your credit score and credit history could be difficult. Possessing a broad range of accounts, paying your bills in a timely manner, and keeping your balance owed to less than 50% of your credit amount is all that matters.
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