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Remember the inspections when buying a Naples Florida home

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By : Graham Ginsberg    99 or more times read
Naples Florida Home inspectors can help buyers determine if the home they are about to purchase is in good condition or is in need of major repairs. Most purchase contracts include a clause stating that the sale is contingent on the home's inspection, allowing the buyer to back out of the sale if problems arise.

American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) President Mike Casey points out that inspectors are paid whether the sale is finalized or not. Thus, inspectors represent the buyers' interests and have nothing to gain from the deal.

Costs vary some, but most charge around $200 to $250. Accompanied by the buyer, Naples Florida home inspectors make visual assessments of the exterior, including walls, decks, roof and chimneys; the interior, such as windows, doors, plumbing fixtures and electrical outlets; heating and cooling systems; and the ventilation and insulation of attics and crawl spaces.

Swimming pools, septic systems and trees and shrubbery usually need to be inspected by a specialist. Many buyers use a Naples real estate practitioner's referral to select an inspector, but recommendations from friends, relatives and the yellow pages are also useful.

Once you have the information it's important to review it with your Realtor. There may be observations made in the report that need attention and consideration in the sales contract while others may not.

For instance, a toilet may be running. What is needed is about $5 worth of merchandise from the hardware store and 15 minutes to make the repairs. Not being familiar with what it takes to make this repair, you might say to hold off on a closing until the plumber comes in. This is a true story. I fixed the situation myself. In another situation the buyer thought that the light bulbs should all be replaced with new ones.

There has been a tendency for buyers to put sellers into very awkward positions. If you buy a home or condominium from a builder or developer, you should expect everything to look new and operate at a 100 percent since you're the first occupant. But, if you're buying a 10-year-old home it's not reasonable to expect the same 100 percent or for the seller to be expected to roll back the years.

Many Naples Florida Realtors recommend a home inspection when they first work with the homeowner in selling their home. That gives the homeowner and Realtor an idea of what areas might need attention. It is also an excellent tool to give to a serious buyer. You've done some of the homework for them and saved time.

The same goes for a seawall inspection. It's one of those things that buyer's are going to request. Why not be prepared and have it in hand?

Being well prepared minimizes surprises for both the Naples Florida home seller and buyer. The inspection process is critical for a successful transaction.
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