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Homes Inspections Services Might Be Required in Abington

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By : John Cutts    99 or more times read
Officials of the Abington Township in Pennsylvania and local realtors are debating whether homes inspections services are to be required from homeowners who are about to sell their homes. A proposal has been put forward by town officials to have a township staff conducts an inspection of the homes about to be sold.

Under the current procedure, realtors and home sellers are only required to submit a signed affidavit stating that residences for sale have the required carbon monoxide and smoke detectors and that house numbers are big enough to be seen from across the street. An ordinance has been proposed by township administrators to require an inspector to visit the place and confirm that such requirements are satisfied.

For the part of local officials, the requirement is necessary since it will help improve public safety. However, realtors have argued that it is not needed and that affidavits are sufficient to cover these concerns. They asserted that an affidavit proves that such requirements are fulfilled and that there will be no need for town-mandated homes inspections services.

Any home seller who states otherwise in an affidavit will be committing perjury and realtors believe that no homeowner will be foolish enough to believe that saving a few dollars will be worth getting charged with a criminal act. Realtors also stated that enough safeguards are in place, with the homeowner, the bank, the realtor and the title firm all checking that such requirements are complied with.

In response, officials stated that they understand the reluctance of realtors to agree to the ordinance since it will add another step to the pre-settlement process. However, they asserted that the rule is necessary. They cited a case wherein a homeowner came to the office of the fire marshal seeking help in installing smoke detectors. It turned out that the homeowner purchased the property two weeks prior and have all the documents, affidavit included.

This, officials have stated, made them wonder whether the process of using affidavit is really working. They claimed that homes inspections services are necessary because not all realtors play by the rules and there are some who might skip a step or two just to speed things up.
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