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Townhouses and Condominiums - Consider Some Of The Difference?

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By : Alvin Smith    99 or more times read
Most people these days are dreaming of owning their house. They are sometimes confused on what style of house are they going to purchase. There are a lot of different kinds of houses being built these days and many of them are according to the taste and style of the owners. Some decided to have a simple one-story house and some people wanted to have a two to three-story house. Two of the most preferred houses are the townhouse and the condominium. So, what's the difference between the two of these? What are the advantage and drawbacks of owning these kinds of houses?

Condominium shave become popular these days because of the features they have. They are built in a building framework. Two to four condominiums are offered per floor. Each and every condominium can be offered in one to three bedrooms per unit. Same goes with a townhouse, this condominium also has a living room, a kitchen, a dining room, a bedroom, and a kitchen. But what's good about this is that the options are better than the features in a townhouse. Just about all condominium buildings have a floor for recreational area like a swimming pool, a tennis or badminton court, to name some.

The building can be guarded by some security guards for the safety of the people living there. It also has a guarded car park for owners who have cars. But in addition there are some rules and regulations owners has to follow when living in a condominium for the benefit of the other people living there. When you buy a unit, you only pay for the unit itself not the whole building or the land where it was built. This is a drawback of owning a condominium because you only own the unit not the land.

In contrast to a townhouse, when you buy one you actually own the house and the land itself where it was built. Townhouses are made attached to other townhouses. But they have identical features with the condominiums. Additionally they have a living room, a kitchen, one to three bedrooms, a dining room, to name some. What's good about the townhouse is that it has its own parking area. Other condos have maintenance that manages the exterior of the place but in townhouses the owners are the ones who take care of their exterior. It means that they are the ones who clean the outside of their house- the garden or the yard.

For townhouse owners, if they need to make some changes in their house they don't have to ask permission to anyone while in the case for the condos unit owners need to ask permission to the head of the building should they want to redecorate their unit or change some things about it. So, this is one of the merits townhouse owners have with condo owners. But the breathtaking view you could see when your condo unit is located in a high place may offer you a relaxing time after a day's work. This may be one of the best features condominiums have.
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