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Discover The Secret As To Why Tin For Your Roof Is Better Than Shingles

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By : Brunaud Vigneault    99 or more times read
Steel and shingle roofs are the prevalent roofing constituents used by industrial and residential buildings. Shingle roofs are generally rectangular in shape that may come in various types like wood, slate, cement and ceramic. It lasts longer in cooler places than in tropical ones. There are numerous persons who seek know-how on why tin for your roof is better than shingles.

Metal roof can give more good benefits than shingles that makes it preferred by the customers. Tin roof is cheaper than shingles. It is made up of recycled materials and needs lesser energy to be made while shingle has fiberglass mat core that makes it flexible and fire resistant but is soaked in petrochemicals that contaminate the ground water when it rains.

Here are the reasons why they are better:

A Tin roof lasts longer than a shingle roof. Metal roof is fireproof and protects the house or building better from rain, heat of the sun and strong winds and can last for up to 60 years while shingle roofs usually break, snap apart and crack when there are strong winds and tornado. At most, it can only last you for 30 years. Thermal shock which damages shingles is a state when a change in temperature happens in a short period of time. As a result, it would require stable maintenance to keep its quality and color.

On the other hand, tin roof, if properly set up, will only request maintenance work if its paint is already fading. Moreover, steel roof is lighter which makes it ultra portable unlike shingles which are heavy and not even waterproof. Why tin for your roof is better than shingles? There are several reasons and these are what you must seriously bear in mind before making your choice. Remember your roof is the part of your house that protects it from harmful environmental hazards.

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