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Creating a Nurturing Atmosphere to Sell Your Home

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By : Rob Thomson    99 or more times read
In our current economic climate, with so many stresses looming for many people, it can be worthwhile to accent the relaxing aspects of your home for prospective buyers and encourage a nurturing feeling in your home. One of the ways that you can do this for prospective buyers is to stage your home with a resort or spa-like focus to it.

To give your home the feel of a guest house or resort, it is important to go through all the typical aspects of home staging first. Clean your house so that itís spic and span and remove all the personal clutter and photographs out of your home; you want prospective buyers to feel like guests not intruders.

Stage your home with an eye towards making the furnishings in your home inviting and useful to buyers; remove extra bits of furniture that arenít serving a useful purpose, bookshelvesóand their contentsóare usually prime targets for this.

Set up your bathroom like a hotel bathroom or spa: thick lush bathrobes hung on hangers, matching containers of shampoos and soaps on the countertop, rolled up facecloths in a ceramic bowl tied with a ribbon, these all help add to the spa atmosphere. You may want to buy a new set of lush white towels just for when home tours or open houses are going on as well so that you donít have to scramble to find a matched set in your linen closet before buyers come.

Another key area to stage with an eye towards relaxation is the bedroom; donít just make your bed, build it with crisp fresh linens, big luxurious pillows, and a color coordinated quilt or comforter. Turn down the corner of the bed to give it that luxury hotel feeling as well (though you donít need to put chocolates on the pillows). Make sure that your bedroom is immaculately clean and your nightstands are clear of anything except lamps, your clock, and maybe some flowers.

You might want to take the time to set up your kitchen in a relaxing manner as well. As with every other room, make sure that itís spotlessly clean before the buyers come through. Put some baking in the oven before tour time, even if itís just pre-made cookie dough; the smell of baking makes people very relaxed. Make a fresh pot of coffee as well; even if the buyers and agents donít drink it, it will add to the ambiance of your home.

The more comfortable that you can help prospective buyers feel in your home, the less likely it is that it will take very long to sell your home. It is a fact that well staged homes can help your home sell much faster and for more money than unstaged ones; take the time to make prospective buyers feel at home and make your home marketing more effective.
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