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Government Foreclosed Homes Provide Discount Buying Opportunities

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For middle-income and low-income families who want to buy and own homes at affordable costs, there are numerous government foreclosed homes available in the market. A number of government agencies and institutions hold growing volumes of foreclosed properties that wait to be bought. However, such government agencies are not effective enough in advertising sale of such homes. Market experts assert that most of those properties are listed at foreclosure listings that are published and posted across the Internet.

A potential homebuyer could buy any of government foreclosed properties at several ways. Most of such foreclosures are auctioned and sold through the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. The agency offers government foreclosures through mortgage refinance schemes or through auctions.

Other popular sellers of government foreclosed properties are the Federal National Mortgage Association - Fannie Mae - and the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation - Freddie Mac. These government-sponsored firms typically handle secondary mortgage transactions. They buy up home loans from lenders to help the lending industry continue to offer and provide mortgages to other homebuyers.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are also active in selling government foreclosed properties across the market. However, it is noted that most properties offered and sold through the two companies are intended specifically for first-time homebuyers who plan to buy homes and make those their primary or main residence.

There are other government agencies that are involved in offering and selling government foreclosed properties. Such agencies and institutions include the Department of Agriculture, the Internal Revenue Service, The Federal Bureau of Investigations, and the Veterans Affairs Administration. State and local governments are also active in repossessing homes and putting those up for sale at highly discounted prices. The government seizes such homes through criminal activities and unpaid taxes, while other agencies get involved in providing and buying mortgages.

Government agencies are mostly involved in so-called ‘silent auctions’ when disposing foreclosed homes to prospective buyers. In a silent auction, possible buyers submit sealed bids to assigned brokers or agents. At the end of an auction period (usually two weeks), all bids are opened. The highest bidder is contacted to arrange for payment schemes and all necessary purchase details.

A government agency could also authorize a Real Estate broker or agent to directly and openly sell foreclosed homes to possible buyers.
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