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Ways to open doors to buyers

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By : James Hardy    99 or more times read
There’s no denying that the current property market is very much geared towards the buyer, but as a seller, how can you make your property ‘stand out’, and in effect, open doors to buyers? Here are a few tips to use when selling a property.

Valuation is key

When selling a property, the valuation is crucial, and agent valuations can fluctuate wildly. It is generally recommended that you obtain at least three agent valuations, and select an agency who sit somewhere in the middle. Of course, this is not the only basis for selecting an estate agency, but in the world of valuations, things can get very confusing.

Also, there does not seem to be a huge amount of logic in valuations at the moment, some prices are exactly where they were 18 months ago, whereas others are considerably down. Also, there does not seem to be a way of predicting which properties will attract considerable attention, and which ones will ‘hang around’ for some time on the market.

Always listen to what the market is telling you, and seek advice from experts. Penelope Court of Beauchamp Estates says; “I can’t emphasize enough the importance of ensuring your property is correctly priced,” and “As a general rule, if your property came to the market in the last quarter of 2009 and you haven’t received any offers, it’s clear that you need to reduce the price.”

Have confidence

Yes, it is true that there are many houses currently for sale on the property market, but always remember that quantity does not equal quality. There is a shortage of ‘good’ houses for sale at the moment, and for each good house, it is estimated by The National Association of Estate Agents that there are five potential buyers. If you look at house selling in this way, you may have at least five chances to sell your house.

Finance options

It may be a good idea to also offer a flexible completion date if possible. This allows the buyer more time, and may prompt them to make a more generous offer. Always check the credentials of buyers though, Tom Hudson of buying agents Middleton Advisors advises; “Insist on a financial reference from buyers to confirm they have the necessary funds to complete the purchase,”

Consider, but be cautious of “cash buyers”. Martin Bikhit of Kay & Co says; “Many buyers are under the illusion that just because they do not have anything to sell it makes them cash buyers and you may find that they are actually taking out a mortgage,”. If possible, insist on seeing actual proof of cash funds, even if it means buyers showing you their bank statements. If they have nothing to hide, they will be happy to provide any such information, and you could benefit from a quick sale.
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