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Easy Ways to Spot Energy-Efficient Appliances for your Home

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By : Flynna Jones    99 or more times read
To live a comfortable life today means a home filled with appliances and gadgets. In fact the ushering in of the hi-tech era calls for more than just the basic of these appliances but for a more advanced model of appliances with all the multi function features in each of them. Indeed they give convenience and comfort; but the upshot of these comforts and conveniences is high energy consumption and high utility bills for consumers. Though most of these appliances have energy saving features in them, still they need to be qualified for their efficiency in energy consumption. These appliances can also harm our environment and health in some way.

To guide you in choosing the right appliances for your home, particularly for its energy-efficiency, the following suggestions can be referred to:

If you buy an appliance, see to it that the Energy Star rating is part of its features. If this feature is present, this means that the appliance is energy efficient; more stars means more efficient it is.

Be practical in your appliance needs; do you really need this particular appliance in your home? Or, can you can live without it by doing the chore in some other practical way.

Ascertain how much you will pay for utility bills if you use such an appliance.

Buy only the appliance that is suitable for your home.

In the case of dishwashers and washing machines, ascertain its water efficiency before buying it.

If you plan to buy dryers and heaters, consider their advantages and disadvantages if you opt for electrically operated units and gas fired units.

If you are lured by the outside looks of an appliance, be conscious of its performance and energy rating before you buy it. Most appliances have out good appearance outwardly; be wary of this.

Most appliances have the yellow and black tag on them indicating their energy consumption. Always look for this tag when you buy appliances. Compare the features with other brands before buying.

Some appliances have a feature that turns down the power automatically on standby mode; you must opt for this kind of appliances.

Nowadays there are appliances that have integrated functions in them, such as a television with disc players and amplifiers integrated in them; in this way you will use lesser energy with fewer appliances. Remember that CRT TVís uses more energy than the LCD types. It can save a considerable amount of energy if you use the latter.
Energy Star rating appliances can be energy efficient as much as 50% against the standard units.

Remember, the bigger the wattage of an appliance, the bigger will be the energy consumption. So opt for the lower wattage ones.

Do not buy an appliance that is oversized for your need.

Take note that energy efficient appliances do not only save you money in terms of energy consumption but it can give your home a healthy environment also.
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