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Lenoir County Foreclosures And Other Foreclosures: Causing Street Protests

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By : Bilk Albers    99 or more times read
Lenoir county foreclosures and other foreclosure activity in the country continue to cause havoc for many homeowners. Surprisingly, some of these homeowners are not even under foreclosure.

For instance, Peggy and Alvin Mears are homeowners in Fontana who never missed a payment toward their monthly mortgage fees. They had a modification loan to which they were paying $1,299 a month. The couple was planning to work toward a permanent loan. To their horror, OneWest, formerly known as IndyMac, decided to repossess their house anyway. OneWest is a lender that handles foreclosures in Palmdale CA and many other foreclosure processes in California.

Peggy Mears, along with 21 other foreclosed homeowners, decided to take their rage and desperation to the street. The 22 homeowners held a protest rally near Chase Bank and were promptly arrested.

Peggy refers to the lending banks as “terrorists”, who use foreclosures in Palmdale CA and other foreclosures in order to threaten and terrorize homeowners.

Diane Henry, spokesperson of OneWest, was contacted for comment, but she was not available.

Peggy is a member of the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment, a social justice group that has about 200 members. To further show their predicament, the protesters move their furniture in front of Chase Bank as a way protesting against the foreclosure crisis.

As every US citizen knows, Lenoir county foreclosures and other foreclosures around the country are currently on the rise. The tension between homeowners and banks was worsened when it was announced that the nation’s major banks would be paying out annual bonuses that reach $143 million.

The decision of OneWest to foreclose the house of Peggy and Alvin Mears may have been a deplorable act, but it is actually not illegal. California, along with other states, does not require foreclosure processes to undergo judicial proceedings.

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