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Properties for Sale in Modern South Africa

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South Africa is a country that in recent years has been born. Emerging from its troubled past, the New South Africa is seeing the Real Estate demand begin to boom as the economy strengthens. Despite the high level of poverty in the country, South Africa is considered as a middle class society due to it being a country that is rich in resources, communications and infrastructure. Properties for sale in the Country are enjoying renewed interest as people from many countries; especially Asian countries are looking at it as a potential country to do business and to settle in.

The Industrial, Economic and Commercial Hub of a Nation

Those who want to immerse themselves in the industrial and commercial hub of South Africa will find that Pretoria offers the diplomatic hive of a capital city, the bustle of a commercial center and the cultural and historical mix that is so much a part of the city and nation. For those seeking to buy property, Pretoria offers access to employment in the industrial, commercial and economic sectors. It is a leading education centre. In recent years, its historical heritage has been in focus by a controversial and unofficial change of name to Tashwane.

Other Industrial Centers

Pietermaritzburg in the KwaZulu Natal Province is regionally important as an industrial area that produces aluminum and timber and dairy produce. The University of Natal, which is located in the town, is world-renowned and for those seeking property, Pitermaritzburg provides opportunity to study and live in a town infamous with cricket players and international academics.

The Port Cities...Doorways to a Nation

The port city of Durban is a beautiful mix of subtropical climate and beautiful beaches as well as being home to the busiest port in South Africa. It is a town built on hills and for those searching popular tourist destinations to buy property Durban offers plenty of opportunities for the development of tourist activities.

Other Areas Offering Great Life Styles for the Family

For those who prefer real estate a little out of town, but for whom being close to the city is important when buying property, Claremont one of the southern suburbs of Cape Town, is a beautiful part of the Western Cape Province to call home.

Housing Affordability and Styles

Some people are concerned about moving to South Africa because of the cost of living, high unemployment levels and security fears. While these are valid concerns, these issues are showing positive signs of resolution. There is a government plan in action to have all slum areas eradicated by 2014 and this is leading to an increase in demand for real estate in the country. Every year the number of new houses being built is steadily increasing. Sustainable settlements are being built in all Provinces and this is fueling growth in the Real Estate sector. Buying properties for sale in South Africa is becoming a very lucrative proposition for many business minded people.

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