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How to Change the Home Locks

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By : Sonia Smith    99 or more times read
It is important to change the door locks when moving to a new home since it is very easy for others to move duplicate copies of your home keys, particularly if you are not the first to live in the home. Today, there are plenty of unscrupulous persons who want to take advantage of your home when you are not around and steal your hard-earned belongings.

In this connection, it is of vital importance for security purposes to change the locks on your home doors. It is also helpful to change them every now and then since the more people who have access to your home, the more chance of your home being robbed. To be on the safe side, you should change the locks on your home doors. Below are some steps on how to change the locks on your home doors. There are two types of locks, the knob and the deadbolt.

  1. Make it a point that you are inside when removing the lock off. Using a Phillips screw or a drill screwdriver, loosen the lock in a counter clockwise movement.

  2. The lock should come apart when the screws are already removed. Use a paring knife when there is a sealant around the edges of the lock.

  3. Take out the lock mechanism and the screws on the side of the door should be screwed out and removed from the Use pliers to take away the lock mechanism.

  4. It is better to bring along the lock with you when buying a new one to ensure that they are of the same length. However, most locks are adjustable with a mechanism on top that you can push left or right to lengthen or shorten to fit the hole.

  5. Insert the locking mechanism with the use of the shortest screws through the side to attach to the door, turning the screws clockwise. The lock inside that fits the doorjamb should contain the bevelled edge facing the doorjamb hole while the square portion of the lock should face away from the doorjamb hole.

  6. The next step you have to do is to place the lock plates and make certain that the knob key is outside and the knob with the manual lock inside.

  7. Some doorknobs have mechanisms for manual locks to ascertain that the parts are correctly aligned. The white piece of plastic on the outside knob should fit securely to the doorknob or you will not be able to lock it from inside.

  8. Simply place the screws to the holes and tighten. This takes time to ensure that the screw lined up is threaded evenly. If not, you have to strip the threads and purchase another lock. Make certain that you tighten one screw at a time.

  9. When using a deadbolt, if the screws are tightened very tight, you will have a difficult time using the manual lock inside. Simply loosen the screws until the manual lock is turned easily.

  10. If there is a gap between the door and knobs, fill with putty or caulk and adjust the doorknobs.

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